Fotorbit India Club has given me great friends and peers to learn from and hone my photography skills. Now, to be the president of this club, is an honour for me.

I remember the day when my friend Anup Saha told me about the club. We were travelling together for a shoot. He told me about the club started with the objective to provide professional level exposure to budding photographers. It clicked. I decided to join the club in an instant. That’s how my journey with the Club began, in 2017.

As a member, I got opportunity to meet reputed people from the field, take part in Salons and exhibitions and showcase my work. Needless to say, I got the right environment to develop my art. Very few clubs in India allow such camaraderie.

I believe, that the Club should continue to provide such an environment to its current and new members. That, in my view, is a great way to help photographers, both professional and amateurs, to hone and refine their skills. I am sure, that many from the club, would agree with me.

So, carrying forward the legacy of the club, the newly elected body has a few ideas in mind. For starters, we seek to run online courses for the members to help them build their skillset. Especially in showcasing their work.

Further, exposure visits and international Salons can be organized, perhaps with a greater frequency, to help members in networking, explore new themes and tinker with new subjects. A sure key to have an edge over others. Right?

In the end, we welcome you all to participate by communicating with the governing body and share ideas which might help is making this club a better version of itself.

Our aim is to make this one, India’s best club. And we seek your support!


Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta
Ph.D,MBA, ME, BE(Civil),PGDAC,
Hon. Fellow (AAVA-Hong Kong), FIC-G,