Dear photolovers,

FOTORBIT INDIA is not merely a club or just another association I am associated with. It’s a dream come true for me on my journey to photography. As my journey to the photography world has never been a smooth one, so did it with my association with FOTORBIT INDIA too. And I am fortunate enough to remain there with it through all its ups and downs which developed a true sense of motherhood in me for FOTORBIT INDIA. I have witnessed it to struggle against all the odds and aloofness and finally to emerge out as the triumph since the day of its inception. From a baby of only four initial members, it has now been at its golden youth of a healthy number of dedicated photographers who have established themselves and have upheld the good name of their club by their regular outstanding performance in different national, international and abroad salons and other photographic events. I personally salute them for this die-hard attitude to excel in the field of photography to leave behind a permanent mark for the posterity to cherish about. As I personally believe that your journey is ultimately the destination itself, so your today’s sow shall see u reap golden tomorrow. So all the hard work you are putting in today for photography and FOTORBIT INDIA, will never disappoint you. The club will never get tired to recognise you all for what you have done in the grooming of CLUB FOTORBIT INDIA. I congratulate you all for scoring an enviable 4th rank in the FIP Club Cup Championship in the very first appearance before the club completes its 1st birthday. KUDOS!!!!!! Keep clicking, keep rocking!!!

Photographically yours,

Tania Chatterjee(EFIAP)


Fotorbit India