Dear photo friends,

Sailing a big ship in troubled water is tough, but challenging too. Especially when the big ship is sinking, and the captain deserts it on its fate taking his own people away, its real tough to get the ride stable. Such was the situation when team FOTORBIT INDIA was struggling to come out of the troubled water and the responsibility to hold the club fulcrum came upon my shoulder. And I vowed to see the last man onboard through safety until I retire. Reaching the height of success is tough, but keeping oneself abreast there for longer is the toughest. Oath is already taken to get the lost glory back and hold it forever, the onus falls on me now to carry the club baton of success and existence ahead from where it had been left.

The club ranked 4th in its inaugural year of inception and reached to the 2nd spot during its last encounter. During the past years, FOTORBIT INDIA was the leading best club winner among the all Indian clubs in various national and international competitions, thanks to our immensely talented and dedicated members spread worldwide. Members come and go… irrespective of whether they get discounts or not. But those who are really loyal to the club and love it by heart will never go, especially during its stormy days. I express my deep respect and heartfelt gratitude to those die hard members, who didn’t run away in these rainy days and showed their immense faith and confidence upon the club. I respect your love for Photography and club prestige over any and everything else. We are confident to rock back to our lost glory with all of you guys. It’s an honour for me to lead such a bunch of talented, loyal and never-say-die members. Success is round the corner… it’s just a matter of time to grab. Cheers guys!!!

Photographically always yours
Arun Saha

Team Fotorbit India