Hello photofriends,
Fotorbit India is not just the name of my club, it’s the name of that reality which showed me thousand of dreams to come true. And when it comes to the term of shouldering the top level responsibility to serve my club in a more dedicated way, to carry on the baton of being its Secretary, nothing could have been a better and bigger matter of proud to me. As a common member, it was always my die hard intention to uplift my club’s name with my photographic contribution any and everywhere around the world. But bestowed with this new responsibility means to me not to go alone bearing the FOTORBIT INDIA flag, but being the last person to see all our members are reaching the podium, managing their own height and holding the FI head high enough to make everyone look up. 1st Fotorbit India International Salon, which placed India in such an insurmountable haven where the salon world looks up with respect and appreciation, was my first step for my club to hold the official responsibility in the working committee as the salon secretary. I am overly happy to do justice to the faith rested on me. This responsibility helped me a lot to get matured enough to fit into bigger boots. And so here I’m now with bigger responsibility of the club secretary to fulfill. Hope with the help of all club members and the senior executives, I can surely be able to prove myself worthy of the respect and responsibility bestowed on me. Thank you all so much for all of your love and support.

Always yours,
Joyraj Samanta
Secretary, Fotorbit India