Team FOTORBIT was formed long before CLUB FOTORBIT INDIA was born. As Team FOTORBIT was meant for facilitating photographers to make a mark in travel photography only, there was a need to grow the sense and impetus of the ethics and art of photography among upcoming photographers too. Arun’s penchant for travel and frames along with Tania’s ability to tell stories with lights and shutter juxtaposed with their experience and knowledge of the field inspire to create FOTORBIT INDIA. Both of them are lifestyle photographer from the queen of Deccan (Pune) and the city of joy (Kolkata). They brainstormed, networked and travelled and conceived the idea of club Fotorbit India in July 2016 as the not for profit wing of Fotorbit.

We appreciate the places we go, the spontaneity in our shoot, the people we meet and the opportunities we come across; through Fotorbit India we want to share all of it.
Education is never complete until s/he travels says an old Chinese proverb; at Fotorbit India we believe that a true photographer is always on move looking for frames, people, emotions, energy and stories. We firmly believe that sharing lights, frames and shutters is nurturing and learning photography.

Our first event was Fotorbit India National Salon, December 2016. Fotorbit India also ranked fourth in FIP Club Championship (2016-17); but we measure our success through our association with some very talented national and international photographers. The short journey of Fotorbit India was not all cakewalk, we are grateful to all our inspiring and pejorative critiques who helped us dot our I’s and cross our t’s.
Fotorbit India conducts photo-walk, photo-tours and photo- talks for its members in line with popular events. We also provide encouraging technical support (reviews, guidance etc.) to all its members to participate and win acceptances and awards in national and international salons. Fotorbit India also conducts regular group learning, sharing and critical reviews of their photographs. We will also conduct national and international salons and regular exhibitions of selected Photographs of our members and there are Much more to come. We are always looking for new ideas!
Be a part of our successful journey!