FOTORBIT INDIA 1st National Circuit 2017  has been launched to facilitate the Indian photolovers to achieve their national goal in a more prominent way. To serve the purpose, three prominent clubs from different parts from India, Fotorbit India(Pune), Photography Pathshala(Kolkata) and Galaxy Art Society(Kolkata) have joined their hands to let the circuit happen. So FOTORBIT INDIA 1st National Circuit 2017 extends its invitation to all photographers from India to bring forward their best works of different styles, techniques and genre. The circuit has 5 categories namely “Open Colour”, “Open Monochrome”, “Nature”, “Travel” & “Journalism”.  All images will be judged by experienced and accredited judges holding international distinctions. Chance of getting maximum acceptance are 60 ! It will help them to get closer to their dream of achieving AFIF and FFIF distinctions. Added advantages are good number of awards, high quality medals and low entry fees. Wishing you all the best!!

Juries for the Circuit in different salons

Fotorbit India

Mr. Amitava Sil, EFiAP

Mr. Subrata Bysack, EFiAP/B

Mr. Tapan Das, EFiAP

Photography Pathshala

Smt. Tania Chatterjee, EFiAP

Mr. Shibasish Saha, AFiAP

Mr. Pranab Basak, EFiAP

Galaxy Art Society

Mr. Suman Saha, EFiAP/B

Mr. S.R.Mandal, EFiAP

Smt. Sharmali Das, EFiAP/G